If you work as an independent recruiter or an in-house HR manager, you’re probably inundated with CVs from aspiring job candidates. You’re also probably collecting data from other sources: social media, LinkedIn profiles and your own interview notes. And the more data you collect, the harder it becomes to spot the right candidate for a particular requirement.

If that sounds familiar to you, relax. There are better ways of matching job candidates with business needs, especially if you let technology help you. Close your eyes and imagine an application that lets you upload all those CVs and notes, scans and indexes them, and gives you a way to search them using skill keywords like “PHP” or “aerospace engineer”.

Sounds good? I thought so too. That’s why I recently built a mobile-optimized app for CV indexing and search, which does everything I just said above.


It’s built using PHP and tightly integrated with both Searchly (for fast data indexing and search) and Bluemix Object Storage (for CV upload and download). Try out the demo on Bluemix, get the code from GitHub and read all about it in my developerWorks article.