If you’re a developer used to developing and testing applications locally, moving your code to the cloud can be a bit daunting. First, you have to choose a cloud from the numerous options availabe. Then, you need to deal with the nitty-gritties of pricing, provisioning, application deployment, scalability and security. And finally, you need to keep track of server performance, debug application issues and find ways to cost-efficiently improve performance.

Wish you had someone to hold your hand through the process? Read my detailed Apache Friends tutorials, which walk you through the process of hosting a PHP application in the cloud with Bitnami. In these tutorials, I describe how to use the Bitnami LAMP Stack to simply and efficiently create and provision a cloud server, then transfer your PHP application to it and monitor its performance.

The tutorial covers these these popular cloud hosts:

Take a look…you’ll be surprised by how easy it actually is!