Create a Mobile-Friendly To-Do List App with PHP, jQuery Mobile and Google Tasks

I’ve been waiting to try out jQuery Mobile for a while and a few weeks ago, I finally got the chance. I hooked jQuery Mobile up with the Google Tasks API and built a simple to-do list application that works on tablet and smartphone browsers.

The application exposes most of the basic functionality of Google Tasks, allowing you to add new to-do lists, create tasks, attach due dates and mark tasks as complete.

To control the interaction between the jQuery Mobile front-end and the Tasks API, my tool of choice was Slim, a PHP micro-framework that I’ve used before (slides, article). I also used Google’s own OAuth PHP Client, which makes it significantly easier to handle authentication (bonus: it provides some nice pre-packaged functionality for working with the Tasks API as well).

Read all about it in my IBM developerWorks article, watch a video showing the application in action, or get the code from JazzHub.