About The Author

Vikram Vaswani is the founder and CEO of Melonfire, a consultancy firm with special expertise in open-source tools and technologies. He has twelve years of experience working with PHP and MySQL as a Web application developer and product manager, and has created and deployed a variety of PHP applications for corporate intranets, high-traffic Internet Web sites, and mission-critical thin-client applications.

Vikram is also a passionate proponent of the open-source movement and a regular contributor of articles and tutorials on PHP, MySQL, XML, and related tools to the community through his regular columns on the Zend Developer Zone and IBM DeveloperWorks. He is the author of Zend Technologies' well-regarded PHP 101 series for PHP beginners, and his previous books include MySQL: The Complete Reference, How to Do Everything with PHP and MySQL, PHP Programming Solutions, and PHP: A Beginner's Guide.

About The Technical Editor

Ryan Mauger is the Lead Developer for Lupimedia, a multimedia design agency in Somerset, England that specializes in bespoke content management systems for design-oriented Wweb sites. Ryan is a keen Zend Framework supporter and contributor, and can often be found answering questions and guiding people on IRC. When not evangelizing the Zend Framework, Ryan is a proud father, and enjoys escaping to the lakes for a spot of fly fishing. Read more about him and his work on his blog.

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