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PHP Basics

XML Basics
  • XML Basics (part 1)
    Get up to speed with the basics of XML theory

  • XML Basics (part 2)
    Find out what entities, namespaces, and CDATA blocks have to do with aliens, idiots, secret agents and buried treasure

  • XSL Basics (part 1)
    Find out how XSLT can help you convert all that marked-up data into something useful

  • XSL Basics (part 2)
    Expand your XSLT vocabulary with conditional constructs, loops and variables

  • Understanding XML Schema
    All the power of a DTD without those strange symbols and arcane commands? You gotta be kidding!

  • XLink Basics
    Looking for something new? Try XLink, hyperlinks on steroids
PHP and the Simple API for XML (SAX) PHP and the Document Object Model (DOM) PHP and WDDX XML/PHP Applications Specifications


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