Want to try out the examples in XML and PHP? You've come to the right place - this Web site contains electronic copies of all the code listings in the book, organized by chapter and freely available for download.

  1. XML and PHP Basics
    Archive size: 3 KB

  2. PHP and the Simple API for XML (SAX)
    Archive size: 21 KB

  3. PHP and the Document Object Model (DOM)
    Archive size: 13 KB

  4. PHP and Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)
    Archive size: 13 KB

  5. PHP and Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX)
    Archive size: 7 KB

  6. PHP and XML-Based Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
    Archive size: 10 KB

  7. PHP, XML and Databases
    Archive size: 12 KB

  8. Open Source XML/PHP Alternatives
    Archive size: 13 KB

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