XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is the W3C's effort to create an extensible toolkit to store and manage different types of data. It defines a set of rules to organize textual data, and serves as the foundation for a number of cutting-edge technologies, all designed to simplify data management and usage.

PHP is the very popular server-side scripting language, currently in use on some of the planet's largest Web sites. Constantly evolving and supported by a vociferous and enthusiastic user community, it allows for rapid development of Web applications, and comes pre-loaded with database access, session management, image generation and socket generation features (just to name a few).

While there is no shortage of information on either of these two technologies individually, there are very few resources which explain how to use them in combination with each other. Consequently, many of the synergies between these two toolkits are not immediately visible to novice and intermediate developers.

XML and PHP hopes to address this deficiency, by demonstrating how XML and PHP can be combined to build cutting-edge Web applications. It includes detailed explanations of PHP's XML extensions, together with illustrations of using PHP to parse, validate and transform XML markup, traverse XML data trees, exchange data between Web applications, overlay remote procedure calls over HTTP, and use free open-source tools to add new capabilities to your XML/PHP applications.

With information on all the major XML technologies supported in PHP, XML and PHP serves both as an implementation guide to the topic and as a handy desktop reference for quick lookups, combining all the information that developers need into a single, focused package.

 ISBN: 0735712271

  • Use PHP to parse, process, and validate XML markup with the Simple API for XML (SAX) and Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Perform server-side XSL Transformations with PHP’s Sablotron processor
  • Syndicate content and exchange data over the web with Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX)
  • Overlay remote procedure calls over HTTP with XML-RPC and SOAP
  • Convert data between XML and SQL-compliant databases
  • Use free open-source tools to add new capabilities to your XML/PHP projects
  • Understand the applications of XML/PHP in the real world with practical examples and real-life case studies
  • Stay ahead of the curve with code that works with both PHP 4.1 and 4.2


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