The Book

PHP Programming Solutions is a full-fledged developer guide with two primary goals: to deliver solutions to commonly encountered problems, and to educate developers about the wide array of built-in functions and ready-made PHP widgets available to them. Task-based categorization makes it easy to locate solutions, and each section comes with working code, a detailed explanation, and applicable usage tips and guidelines. The solutions described use both PHP’s native functions and off-the-shelf PEAR classes.

PHP Programming Solutions includes coverage of a wide variety of categories, including string and number manipulation, input validation and security, authentication, caching, XML parsing, database abstraction, and more. The solutions are intended to (1) simplify and shorten the application development cycle; (2) reduce test time; (3) improve quality; and (4) provide you, the developer, with the tools you need to quickly solve real PHP problems with minimal time and fuss.