Create REST Applications with the Slim Micro-Framework

IBM developerWorks has just published my article on creating REST applications with the Slim PHP micro-framework.

Slim is one of the new breed of PHP micro-frameworks, inspired by Sinatra. It enables rapid web application development and prototyping without the performance overhead and learning curve of full-fledged frameworks. The article examines Slim in detail, using it to rapidly build and deploy a REST API with support for authentication and multiple request/response formats.

Read the full article here. You can also view slides from my presentation on this topic here.

XQuery Processing at MMPUG

I’ll be speaking at the first meeting of the Mumbai MySQL/PHP User Group (MMPUG) tomorrow.

If you’re in Mumbai tomorrow, please drop by, grab a cup of coffee and say hello!

Update: Slides are now available.

Integrating PHP Web Applications with JCR and Magnolia CMS

My article on using the PHP Content Repository (PHPCR) to interact with JCR content has just been published by php|architect magazine.

PHPCR is an adaptation of the JCR standard which can be used to connect a PHP application with a JCR-compliant repository, such as the one used by the Java-based Magnolia CMS. The article explains how PHPCR makes it possible to build PHP applications that interact with content stored in Java/JCR-based products, without needing specialized Java knowledge or training.

The full article is only available to subscribers of the magazine. You can purchase a copy here.

PHP Micro-Frameworks and Community Marketing at Open Source India 2012

The Open Source India conference is back for 2012. This year, it will run from Oct 12-14 in Bangalore.

I’ll be presenting two sessions at the conference:

  • Creating REST Applications with the Slim Micro-Framework (Sat Oct 13 2012 at 17:45)
    This session explains how to use the Slim PHP micro-framework to quickly deploy a REST API. It will also discuss how to implement common API requirements, such as authentication, request logging and multi-format support.
  • Community Matters: Why Open Source Marketing Can Help Improve Your Product (Sun Oct 14 2012 at 12:15)
    This session is intended to throw light on the nature of open source communities and illustrate how community marketing can help increase product adoption, reduce sales costs and enhance the product development process.

If you’ll be in Bangalore and at the conference, don’t forget to drop by and say hello!

Update: Slides are now available.

Integrating the Google+ API with a PHP Application

IBM developerWorks has just published my article on integrating the Google+ API with a PHP application.

The Google+ API produces JSON output, which makes it easy for application developers to integrate into a Web application.  Although the API is currently read-only, a number of interesting applications are still possible, especially when you consider the amount of content being added to the service daily.

Read the full article here.