MySQL: The Complete Reference has been designed as a comprehensive reference for MySQL users, developers, and database administrators. It contains extensive information on the MySQL RDBMS (including MySQL 4.x), and provides one-stop coverage of all topics related to MySQL deployment, right from software installation and configuration to data backup and replication.

MySQL: The Complete Reference is targeted at a number of reader segments, with one thing in common: a desire to learn how to best deploy and use MySQL in their organization. Regardless of whether youre a student looking for a free RDBMS on which to practice your SQL, a developer interested in creating MySQL-backed applications, or a database administrator concerned with lowering cost by migrating your data to MySQL, this book contains the theory and practical examples needed to get you up and running with this powerful open-source application.

Here's a brief list of the things MySQL: The Complete Reference will teach you:

  • Install, configure, and test MySQL on Linux/UNIX or Windows
  • Use MySQL data types, statements, operators, and functions
  • Manage databases and tables with the Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Add, delete, and query records using the Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Take advantage of transactional support
  • Implement MySQLs five-tiered access control and privilege system
  • Handle database optimization, backup, recovery, and replication
  • Create applications in C, Perl, PHP, and other languages
  • Learn about new features in the latest version of MySQL

Reviewed by the MySQL development team, and with a foreword by Michael "Monty" Widenius (co-founder of MySQL AB), MySQL: The Complete Reference is your definitive guide to the MySQL RDBMS!

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