Zend Framework: A Beginner’s Guide
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2010)
ISBN: 007163939X

"Zend Framework: A Beginner's Guide" teaches key features of the Zend Framework, including model-view-controller implementation, routing, input validation, internationalization, and caching.

MySQL Database Usage and Administration
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2009)
ISBN: 0071605495

Covering the MySQL open-source RDBMS, "MySQL Database Usage & Administration" shows you how to perform advanced data management, optimize performance and reliability, and securely administer a MySQL server installation.

PHP: A Beginner’s Guide
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2008)
ISBN: 0071549013

"PHP: A Beginner’s Guide" teaches novice programmers how to write basic PHP programs and enhance them with more advanced features such as MySQL and SQLite database integration, XML input, and third-party extensions.

PHP Programming Solutions
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2007)
ISBN: 007148745X

"PHP Programming Solutions" is a full-fledged developer guide which delivers solutions to commonly encountered problems using ready-made PHP widgets.

How to Do Everything with PHP & MySQL
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2004)
ISBN: 0072257954

"How to Do Everything with PHP & MySQL" is a comprehensive tutorial for creating database-backed Web applications with PHP 5.x and MySQL 4.1.x.

MySQL: The Complete Reference
The McGraw-Hill Companies (2003)
ISBN: 0072224770

"MySQL: The Complete Reference" provides one-stop coverage of all topics related to MySQL deployment, right from software installation and configuration to data backup and replication.

New Riders Press (2002)
ISBN: 0735712271

With information on all the major XML technologies supported in PHP, "XML and PHP" serves as an implementation guide and a desktop reference for quick lookups.